Stop Foreclosure and Stay in Your Home!

fill in the quick form below to sell your houseYes, that’s right!  We have a program that allows you to stop foreclosure (avoid foreclosure) and to stay in your home. 

In the end, foreclosure is never fun and it doesn’t typically end well.  Our program allows home owners like you to stop foreclosure (even if a sale date has been set) and stay in their home.

Best of all, this is not a loan.  So there are no W2s  or bank statements needed.  There are no repairs to your property needed.  Finally, this also is not a bankruptcy (who wants that?!).

What we’ll do to Stop Foreclosure:

We’ll pay all past due amounts related to your property.  This includes your mortgage, your past due HOA payments, property taxes and any other property liens like utilities.  Your stress will be gone!  You will continue to live in your home and maintain the home just like you do now.

What are the requirements for the program?

The primary requirement is that you have at least 40% equity in your home.  If you don’t know how much equity you have, contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.  If you don’t have enough equity, we may have other ideas to help you.  We can even buy your home (thereby stopping the foreclosure) and let you live it in for FREE for a while.

Are there any real estate commissions?


How do I learn more?

Just complete the form below and we’ll send you a short email describing the program in detail.  If you decide to move forward, we’ll then provide you with a detailed plan to stop foreclosure on your property.  If you love it, we’ll get started stopping the foreclosure right away.

To get more info, just fill out the short form below. What do you have to lose?  Do it Now!

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