Thanks for contacting us about stopping foreclosure and staying in your home.  Here are the details about our program.  If something in the program bothers you, please let us know as we are flexible and can work with you to get it right for you.

Here’s how it works.

We’ll pay all past due amounts related to your property.  This includes your mortgage, your past due HOA payments, property taxes and any other property liens like utilities.  Your stress will be gone!

You will continue to live in your home and maintain the home just like you do now.  When we pay off all the past due amounts, we will take ownership (hopefully just temporary ownership) of your property.  That’s right, technically we buy the property from you and you have a year to purchase the property back at price we agree now.  Let us know if you need more than a year.

When you’re ready to buy the property back (anytime within a year), you’d simply pay us the agreed upon amount (slightly more than what we paid for the home = our profit).  Your existing mortgage would stay in place (so that when you buy your home back you would not need to get a new mortgage).

To purchase your home back, we would expect that you would either:

  • get a personal loan;
  • refinance your home;
  • make monthly payments to us throughout the year;
  • save money each month to make the purchase.

Throughout the year, you would pay us rent that is equal to the amount of your monthly property payments plus $200.  So this would equate to your all your existing monthly mortgage payments including your mortgage payment(s), your HOA payment, and any other monthly payments.  This will likely be well below market rent.

This program is great for you, if you’ve had a temporary financial setback, but expect to financially recover within a year.  For example, the program is great for someone who lost their job but expects to start work soon so that they can make their monthly payments.

The program is NOT suitable for someone who has no realistic expectations of sufficient revenue to make their monthly payments.  If that is you, we also can pay you cash for your home.  You could have the cash for your home 2-3 weeks.  We can even let you live in the property (for FREE) for a while.

Here’s a sample of how it might work:

Value of home $200,000
How much is owed on mortgage  



Total of all past due amounts  



We would purchase the house for:
(just add those 2 lines together)





Purchase price when owner buys the house back from us (anytime up to a year later)  





It’s fast and easy to get started.  We’d just need to have a quick phone call to ask you a few questions so that we can get you a no obligation free offer with numbers specific to your property.