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We are willing to pay it, if you can be flexible on the terms. fill in the quick form below to sell your houseYes, that’s right!  We can pay full price (e.g., Zillow Estimate) for your property if you can be flexible on the terms.

We have a myriad of different ways to structure the sale to meet almost any owner’s needs.  In some cases, you will be paid in full within one year.

In other cases, the property remains in your name until you receive the full agreed upon sales price.  In yet other sales, you will be paid over a number of years (thereby reducing your tax burden).

We can also make you an all cash offer (although as investors we typically look for value add properties that need significant renovations so we can get a discount off of full market).

In all cases, there are no real estate commissions and no fees.  In many cases, there also are tax advantages to selling with flexible terms.

To get started, we just need to have a brief phone call to understand your objectives and see how we can help you.  Typically, we make you an informal offer in the next day or two and if it looks good, we’ll subsequently draft up the formal documents which you can review and sign online.

To get the ball rolling, just fill out the form below and include:

  1. Your name and number
  2. The full address of your property
  3. Any information about why you might be interested in selling or what you want to achieve with a sale.

You can also email the info to us at iBuyHouses at Post.com.


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